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How to Get a Netflix Student Discount: Are There Any Discounts?

Every person has been a student at some point in their lives. Therefore, you must realize how difficult a student’s life is, since we are usually on a tight budget. As a result, we are always looking for student discounts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a student discount on Netflix? Student life could be made easier, wouldn’t it? Learn more about Netflix’s Student Discount in the article below.

Netflix: An overview

Early in 2012, Netflix entered the UK market to compete with Amazon Prime Video. The library includes a variety of movies and TV shows that students like, like House of Cards, Game of thrones, Making a Murderer, and others.

As one of the most renowned streaming websites, Netflix offers many movies, TV shows, and series to choose from periodically. There are several OTT streaming platforms available, but this one isn’t complimentary. To get unlimited entertainment every month, you need to subscribe.

Are there any Netflix student discounts available?

Unfortunately, no. There is no student discount on Netflix yet. Netflix student privileges do not include discounts on standard rates with your college ID card. Even if you’re a student, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee to watch your favorite show. There are three plans on the site: a basic plan ($9.99/month), a standard plan ($15.49/month), and a premium plan ($19.99/month). At the moment, there are no hidden or secret ways to pay less than these rates.

Statista statistics indicate that the majority of its viewers are under 35. Most people are already familiar with Netflix through their friends or family members’ subscriptions. Netflix’s profit will be lowered if there are students with Netflix discounts.

In Netflix’s opinion, the shows, movies, and documentaries available are of high quality. Generally, people believe that engaging content is worth paying for. There is some truth to it at some point. It is possible to watch a variety of life-related or entertaining stories that are of very high quality and versatility. However, they never seem annoying or boring. Netflix is unlikely to offer student discounts due to this issue.

Netflix may never add a student discount option for all subscribers since Netflix rarely discusses making this feature available to everyone.

A lot of teens enjoy watching Netflix shows and movies like 13 Reasons Why, Life of the Party, etc. If you are a student, you may be able to subscribe to Netflix and other platforms that offer discounts, such as Amazon Prime.

Is there a way to use Netflix without paying a lot?

As you can see, Netflix does not offer student discounts, making Netflix an expensive option for students. Students are compelled to pay huge sums for Netflix even if they are students. 

Ask your parent or friend if they have a Netflix account so you can access it for cheap. Consider upgrading to a plan where you can watch without disturbing them if the difference is significant. Taking part in a group account can also save you money if you team up with other students. Unless your friend has a subscription to Netflix, you can rent movies from him and watch them on his computer.

The Netflix service sometimes offers deals and discounts through partnerships with other companies. You might be able to save money by taking advantage of promotions or bundles.

Netflix’s past offers

The following Netflix offers have been featured here at Save the Student in the past:

  • Trial period of one month free
  • You can cancel within 21 days of signing up for the service for a 100% refund (in other words, it is a free trial for 21 days).
  • PlayStation+ subscribers receive a three-month free trial
  • For the first 30 days, you can upgrade to Standard or Premium for free
  • A selection of TV shows and movies are available without an account (no membership required).


So, Netflix’s student discount does not exist at the moment. There is no student discount on Netflix. While students cannot afford this service, there are still ways to take advantage of it. There are a number of viable options, including sharing an account, using a free trial, and looking for deals. The Netflix service is still available without paying full price for students, even if there is no student discount available.

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