The Instagram Stories Viewer Order: How It Works in 2023

What does Instagram do to decide the order in which viewers see your stories? Some followers or friends appear at the top of your list all the time, while others appear at the bottom. What factors are at play here? Does it have anything to do with how you interact with your profile the most? We help you understand the Instagram story viewer order and how to increase your Ig story viewers in this guide.

Instagram Stories: An overview

The Instagram Stories feature is one of the most popular features on the platform. Unless you add them to your profile as story highlights, stories and photos disappear after 24 hours from all your profiles, feeds, and messages.

Facebook and WhatsApp both have stories and you can see who visits your profile just like on other social media platforms (Facebook and WhatsApp). In other words, you can monitor your viewers and see which content they are interested in.

The use of stories is an excellent way in which you can keep in touch with your followers and provide them with more information. A stalker, however, will be able to detect you by using this feature.

Instagram story viewer order – what does it mean?

In Instagram, you can see who has viewed your stories, which is a powerful tool. To view the complete list of viewers who viewed their posted story, users can swipe up on the screen while it is playing. The order of view is determined by the interactions on Instagram, although Instagram does not disclose how it decides who appears at the top.

You can view Instagram stories in a particular order based on your interactions with followers, likes, comments on their posts, and visits to their profiles. To change the order of story view, you need to change the people with whom you interact. Those who depend on Instagram engagement for their businesses and marketing are well advised to adhere to this order.

They can improve relationships with the right people by knowing the order of Instagram story viewers. Using the viewer Instagram story order can help marketers improve conversion rates through the social network.

What is Instagram’s method for sorting Story Viewers?

When Instagram displays the top viewers on its list, how does it determine which viewers are displayed first? Several factors are taken into account by Instagram’s algorithm, which is complex and not fully disclosed. Among them are:

The order in which Instagram Stories viewers were added to the list

Instagram Story viewers are listed in reverse chronological order if the Story has fewer than 50 views and no interactions.  It’s actually pretty simple to verify this.  Your stories will display the names of new viewers in bold whenever they are posted. In addition, they are listed first in the Instagram viewer Stories list.

Your profile’s interaction

A viewer’s interaction with your profile on Instagram is assessed based on how often they like or comment on your posts, send you direct messages, and react to your stories. Viewers who interact with your profile more often will appear higher on your list of Ig story viewers.

Responses and reactions

A user’s name will always appear along with other users who have reacted to your client’s Story when they like, emoji, or avatar your client has shared. This is also true for people who send Direct Messages (DMs) in reply to Instagram Stories. In this case, the list of Story viewers will display a snippet of their reply. You can use Instagram’s restrict option or block option when you use this feature.

Interactions from the past

A Story’s viewers list becomes unpredictable once it surpasses 50 viewers. The fact remains that there are still some noticeable patterns that everyone can observe. The most engaged users are usually at the top of your Story viewer list. Your Instagram followers who comment, like, or direct message you frequently are these followers.

Friends on Facebook

It has also been noticed that some Instagram Story viewers have a Facebook connection as well.  The integration between Instagram and Meta (formerly Facebook) has been more prominent since Instagram was acquired by Meta. Profile photos can be synchronized between accounts, Stories are automatically promoted, contacts can be synchronized, etc.

Updates from Instagram

If there’s one thing that’s surefire to impact Instagram Viewer Story order, it’s the unpredictable updates to the Instagram app.  You might learn something in this post a week from now that is no longer relevant a month from now, or even a year from now.  Keep an eye out for Instagram updates as a result. Take a look at your (or a client’s) Instagram Story viewers list and determine which of the factors above still apply.

The non-followers

It is automatically sorted by the number of accounts who view your Story but do not follow your account. Your client or you may be able to confirm this easily if you or they have a public Instagram account. You should notice unfamiliar individuals who don’t follow you at the bottom of your Instagram Story views list.

What is the best way to get more Instagram story views?

A higher position in the viewer list will be achieved with more engagement. Meanwhile, you will also be able to see your Instagram stories if you interact with the most users. Because of this, businesses and influencers share each other’s stories on social media. Engaging your audience organically is a great way to maximize reach.

In addition to Instagram accounts, there are plenty of apps that help schedule their activities. Their services include social media platform planning and Instagram account management.

Generally, Instagram account management apps and websites do the following: Schedule posts and stories, Manage the account, Increase followers by over 300 per month, Create a bio link landing page, Keep track of hashtag usage, Repost content to Instagram. Insta viewer order can be improved by following these steps.


So, as you probably guessed, there are many sources of research that estimate what determines order. A new Instagram algorithm indicates that the more engaged you are with your followers, the more likely you are to appear higher in their Instagram story viewer order. You will increase your engagement rate by attracting your followers’ attention. This Instagram stories viewer order is also important for marketers, influencers, and creators, as it offers useful insight into Instagram engagement.

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