10 Simple Tips to Increase the Speed and Quality of Your Office Internet

In order for a firm to work effectively, it is very important to have a fast data connection. With higher internet connections, doing business with clients and consumers will be easier and your company’s productivity will rise. Simply because most of the computer-related frustration is resolved by a fast data connection. Instead of wasting time or yelling in disgust at your computer, there are many steps you can take to avoid the issues in the first place. This would ensure that your organization gets as much uptime as possible.

Slow office Internet? Find Out How You Can Improve the Speed of Your Office Internet

1. Restarting the Router

One of the first ways to fix the slow internet in your office is by restarting the router. Sometimes, the router might cause problems and simply turning it off and on again can fix it. There are also possibilities that your router can be manually unplugged after waiting around ten seconds. You can plug the Cat 3 Bulk Wire once again if the internet speed has increased.

2. Adjust the Antenna 

It is very important that you adjust the antennas if your router has them. Doing this can help direct the signal and it is also crucial to place them in the right way. Make sure to avoid the antennas being pointed in the same direction. Rather try out different configurations based on your needs.

3. Use Antivirus Softwares

Another reason why your internet speed may suddenly become slow is because of an inappropriate download. There are chances that you might have downloaded something that you should not have and it could have led to the installation of malware on the computer. Furthermore, this malware could hog into your bandwidth and slow down the internet connection.

4. Prefer Using Ethernet Cable

In order to fix the internet speed you can use Ethernet and other cable connections, like bulk Cat 5e cable which is quicker and dependable in nature. These types of wire are known to have a thorough speed which is said to be 10 times faster than usual. 

With the help of these cables, your signal will be directly delivered to the connected device. There are many devices which can be linked using the Ethernet cable as they are naturally secure. Some of these devices are listed below

  • TV
  • Xbox 
  • Play station 
  • Gaming system
  • Desktop
  • Laptop and more 

5. Upgrade the Router

Your wifi network could be congested due to an outdated router  It could be time to upgrade your router if it is more than a few years old. This is because the latest routers offer Wi-Fi protocols with higher maximum speeds. 

There are additional features like beamforming and others which increase the signal strength and let more devices use the wifi without compromising the quality. You can also check out the picks for the best spectrum and Xfinity wifi routers which brims with the capabilities to improve wifi.

6. Switch to 5GHz

Usually, the  2.4GHz frequency is used to send the majority of WiFi traffic. In order to address the issue of overcrowded bandwidth, router manufacturers created routers that could broadcast on the 5GHz frequency. 

Although the 5GHz band is less widespread, it is still preferable. This is because it reduces the interference from devices like microwaves and garage door openers. 

7. Block Annoying Ads 

It is obvious that all content providers show adverts. You can find unending advertisements, images, and automatically playing videos appearing on the screen. Even if you do not watch these ads, the internet connection speed matters a lot. 

Your internet connection would become slow as a result of ad media and it is quite simple to block them. For this purpose, you can install an ad-blocking plugin to stop the data-intensive auto-play movies. This will give your data more room to breathe as a result.

8. Choose Another Internet Provider 

The largest issue that may be a hidden reason why your internet is slow could be your internet service provider. This is not always a bit of simple advice but could be very useful and may end up saving money over time. 

Therefore, consider switching if your current provider is supplying a slow internet connection. This can be determined if you check if the other provider who may cover your area offers lower costs for higher internet speed. Also when changing your service provider, you can ask them to use Cat 3 bulk wire for better and faster connection. These wires are known to speed up to 10 Mbps even at a distance of 100 meters. 

9. Update Firmware of the Router 

It is important to maintain current firmware on your hardware to increase security and internet speed. This is simple to get the updated file and install it because most of the routers allow you to upgrade the firmware from the main administrative panel. You might not need to upgrade your firmware if you use a modem router combo or router that your internet provider offers.

10. Blocking ISP Throttling 

The ISP plays a significant role in the internet speed that you may be experiencing. Usually, these sluggish speeds are not accidental, it could be throttling that you are experiencing. The ISP may opt to throttle network traffic in order to reduce bandwidth congestion. 

This served as a failsafe to guarantee a steady connection for the users. On the other hand, if you want to stream or download something, your rates will be slower. However, if the throttling is the reason behind slow internet, then you may experience the following 

  • Increasing the buffer
  • Pictures with pixelation
  • Sluggish downloads
  • Videos stuttering
  • Increased loading delays
  • Videos of lower quality
  • Lag when playing online games

What are the Benefits of Having Faster Internet Speed?

Most of the time people think that it is okay to struggle with the low internet speed and keep on going however it is. Simply because they do not know the benefits a high-speed internet may come with. Basically, with high-speed internet, you and everyone else in your network will be able to accomplish things faster which may include uploading pictures, and status, browsing social media, watching videos, movies and whatnot. 

As time passes, the importance of high-speed internet is growing as people are adding more gadgets to their home and office networks. Apart from this, you may not have to face poor-quality video calls, failed uploads, buffering and other problems. When it comes to the quicker interconnections everything becomes simpler and entertaining. 

Get Yourself the Best Wires to Resolve Internet Speed Issues Right Away

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